Say HELLO to Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich

Hello Home Doctor Service 134100

The establishment of Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich came about from an idea at a local networking event where members of the healthcare community were discussing the lack of access to available after-hours service in the Ipswich area.

It was identified that there was a great need in the Ipswich Region for an effective home visiting Service that also services the outer Ipswich areas.

As a result, Hello Home Doctor Service was established in 2016 to provide to the region a locally operated, independent and dedicated home visiting doctor service providing timely access to after-hours care within our community.


Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich is a fully accredited Medical Deputising Service provider.  We offer an after-hours home visiting Doctor service to Patients at their home or an aged-care facility on behalf of the Regular GP.

Hello Home Doctor Services offers a bulk billed, Doctor home visit in the following after-hours period: –

WEEKNIGHTS from 6 pm until 8 am the following morning

WEEKENDS from 12 pm Saturday to 8 am Monday

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS all day on public holidays including Ipswich Show Day


• To provide the highest standard of patient care incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness;
• To provide continuity of care by working in conjunction with General Practices, nursing homes and aged care facilities;
• To not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with the upmost due respect including encouraging and
promoting a healthier community; and
• To foster a culture of collaboration, respect and mutual recognition and we make a commitment to ensuring continuous quality improvement within our service.


Evidence suggests that communication between a doctor and patient is improved when a good relationship exists between both parties and Hello Home Doctor Service feels that it is imperative to provide that relationship for continuity of care.

A patient report is completed for every patient seen by a doctor from Hello Home Doctor Service. We send a copy of the patient report to your nominated general practitioner for their records. To help us keep your medical care continuous, we ask that you have the name of your general practitioner or medical center available at the time of making a booking to see a doctor after hours.


Our Doctors are fully equipped to treat acute and episodic conditions.  Our Doctors carry both a supply of emergency medicines and a majority of normally prescribed medicines. These can be administered when an initial dose of medication if necessary and a prescription provided which can be filled in the morning.

All calls will be triaged as per the Department of Health guidelines and Patients requesting a visit for clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputized care will be referred to regular GP for follow up care.

Examples of clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputized care include: –
• Health promotion activity that requires ongoing care
• Management of chronic disease
• Procedures that require resuscitation facilities
• Procedures that may need a Chaperone, good illumination or specific equipment
• Certification i.e. Driving Licence medicals



Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich has remained focused on our Mission to deliver outstanding care in the after-hours within our community and to “bring back the old-fashioned Home Doctor”.

134-100 Hello Home Doctor Service is your local and independent home doctor service.   Our Service is continuing your GP care in the After Hours.