After hours GP service is a GP service offered during the afterhours to patients. This service gives people the confidence of getting through their medical emergencies in a smoother and easier way during the times when regular GP services are not available. It is an ideal solution for handling emergencies that are not too serious but require a GP’s intervention to sort out. Apart from this, there are several other benefits associated with an Afterhours GP service, which are thoroughly explained in the sections below…

After hours GP Service is open when the regular GP is closed

One of the most important aspects of this service is that it is open when your regular GP is closed during weeknights and weekends. It works as an emergency substitute for regular medical services, so that patients are not left suffering during weekends and holidays.

GP After hours offers convenience of availing medical care at home

This service allows people to avail proper medical care from well qualified and experienced doctors from the comfort of their homes. This service also includes administering of medication by the doctors, who arrive on house calls with a well-stocked box of medicines used in common ailments, cut, burns and infections.

This service is Bulk Billed and works all through the night

This service is bulk billed or free of cost for those patients who hold a Medicare or Veteran Affairs Card. Overseas students holding insurance of BUPA and Medibank are also eligible to avail this service on a bulk billed basis. For those without a Medicare card or DVA car, a flat rate of $200 per every booking is required at the time of booking a visit with our call centre.

After hours GP service