Hello Home Doctor Service specialises in after-hours home doctor visits to ensure that patients are able to access professional and timely medical assistance as and when required. Our doctors are fully equipped to render quick medical help in the comfort of a patient’s place of residence. Whether a patient is suffering from a respiratory issue, general illnesses or flu; the at-home doctor service provided by us will prove immensely beneficial. We follow a strict policy of not prescribing the drugs of addiction. The in-home doctor offers his/her input based on the patient’s state of health and if appropriate, will prescribe medication to combat symptoms until their regular GP analyses their health as a whole.

We cut down the hassles associated with visiting busy emergency departments and hospitals

With a team of highly trained medical professionals on-board, Hello Home Doctor Service provides assessment of illness followed by prescribing the most appropriate medicines if clinically appropriate. By treating patients in their homes, we allow them to stay stress-free about the busy medical emergency departments and hospitals. After treating the patient, our at home doctor service provider will complete a clinical report and send this report to the patient’s regular GP to ensure continuity of care.

Acute and re-occurring conditions are treated by us

At Hello Home Doctor Service, we excel in treating the ailments as mentioned below:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Minor lacerations and trauma
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Gastro problems
  • Sprains, back and neck pain

Asthma and many more.


Our Doctors are fully equipped to treat acute and episodic conditions.  Our Doctors carry both a supply of emergency medicines and a majority of normally prescribed medicines. These can be administered when an initial dose of medication if necessary and a prescription provided which can be filled in the morning.

All calls will be triaged as per the Department of Health guidelines and Patients requesting a visit for clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputized care will be referred to regular GP for follow up care.

Examples of clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputized care include: –

  • Health promotion activity that requires ongoing care
  • Management of chronic disease
  • Procedures that require resuscitation facilities
  • Procedures that may need a Chaperone, good illumination or specific equipment
  • Certification i.e. Driving Licence medicals


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