How do I become a Hello Practice Partner?

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Hello Home Doctor Service is a fully accredited Medical Deputising Service.

Our point of difference is that we are committed to working in conjunction with – not in competition to – General Practitioners in general practice.

We aim to partner with general practices by being an extension of your practice; providing consistent, reliable and seamless continuity of care to your patients in the after-hours by:

  1. Being available to see your patients in the after-hours when you aren’t
  2. Committing to servicing the areas in which most of a practice’s patients reside
  3. Working with you under instruction in continuing the care of your patients on a case-by-case basis in instances when you’ll be unavailable, and they would otherwise require your attendance (patients requiring follow-up in the after-hours)
  4. Helping out with documentation required to apply and be eligible for the relevant PIP incentives
  5. Assisting you in communicating your after-hours arrangements with your patients
  6. Supporting ethical use of Medicare resources and upholding Department of Health guidelines for deputising in the after-hours
  7. Providing additional hands-on opportunities for GPs of partnered practices to actively participate in the after-hours

Read on to find out more about what sets us apart and our commitment to general practice.

What is Medical Deputising?

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Standards define a Medical Deputising Service as, “A service that arranges for, or facilitates, the provision of medical services to a patient by a practitioner (deputising doctor) during the absence of, and at the request of, the patient’s regular GP.”

How will my practice benefit from being a Hello Practice Partner?

Partnering with Hello Home Doctor Service takes the worry out of your after-hours arrangements.

We will work with you in providing your patients with access to high-quality care in the after-hours.

We genuinely recognise the vital role a General Practitioner plays in the health of their patients. We offer a commitment of always encouraging patients to provide the name of their regular GP (or medical practice).

How will I know you’ve seen my patients?

To ensure continuity of care, we will provide a clinical report in a timely manner.

Who will see my patients?

All of our doctors are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority, are suitably qualified for providing after-hours care in full compliance with Department of Health guidelines and carry professional indemnity insurance.

Hello Home Doctor Service provides all their medical practitioners with on-shift support structures including supervision and access to our on-call Medical Director.

When making home visits, our doctors will be accompanied by a chaperone. We ensure that both doctor and chaperone have been rigorously screened and trained to meet high professional and community expectations whilst representing our service.

Where will you see my patients?

Our doctors will consult with patients in their homes, workplaces or while on holidays. This includes patients who are residents in retirement villages and care facilities (e.g. aged care, nursing centres, out-of-home care, etc.).

What will you treat … what won’t you treat?

Our doctors are fully equipped to treat acute and episodic conditions and carry a supply of emergency and normally prescribed medicines.

Our in-home doctor will offer their opinion based on the patient’s current state of health and if appropriate, will provide and prescribe medication to treat symptoms until their regular GP is able to analyse their health as a whole.

All calls are triaged as per the Department of Health guidelines and patients requesting a visit for clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputised care will be referred to regular GP or otherwise appropriate (e.g. local emergency department).

Examples of clinical matters that are outside the scope of deputised care include:

Health promotion activity that requires ongoing care

  • Management of chronic disease
  • Procedures that require resuscitation facilities
  • Procedures that may good illumination or specific equipment
  • Certification i.e. Driving Licence medicals

We follow a strict policy of not prescribing the drugs of addiction or repeat prescriptions.

Are you accredited by or affiliated with professional organisations?

Hello Home Doctor Service has built our business model to meet the guidelines set out by the RACGP for the provision of Medical Deputising Services and consistently meet accreditation against the RACGP standards through Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL).

Through the GP Deputising Association, we work collaboratively with organisations such as the Australian Medical Association, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian Government Department of Health.

Do you support ethical and responsible bulk-billing practices?

We take every possible measure to ensure that our doctors make ethical and responsible use of Medicare funding for the provision of care in the after-hours without compromising service levels or hardworking GPs in general practice.

Are there opportunities for me to work in after-hours?

Absolutely. There are many benefits to working in the after-hours and Hello Home Doctor Service encourages VR and non-VR practitioners to support our work by being available to cover shifts when and if it suits them. For more information on these opportunities, please click here.

How do I become a Hello Practice Partner?

Please click here to request a Hello Practice Partner application pack.

How do I find out more about becoming a Hello Practice Partner?

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