From babies to elderly- Urgent Medical Help for all!

Hello Home Doctor Service provides urgent after-hours medical help to people of all age groups in Australia. So, whether it’s a baby, a child, young adult, adult or senior citizen, we have an urgent After Hours Home Doctor service for one and all. Be it an evening, late at night, a weekend or public holiday; our doctors are always on the road, waiting to offer urgent medical attention to patients who are suffering from an injury or illness. We receive greater number of calls from the patient’s carer/family member rather than the patient themselves.

We’re ‘NOT’ for life-threatening medical emergencies

Hello Home Doctor Service is engaged in offering urgent After Hours Home Doctor Ipswich to patients with unique ailments. Some people mistakenly consider us as the best option for handling life-threatening medical emergencies, but these conditions are best dealt with by calling the Queensland Ambulance Service. We recommend dialling 000 or heading straight to a nearby hospital in case the symptoms experienced by the patient seem to be critical or life-threatening. Additionally, we never entertain requests posted for routine medical care. We believe your regular General Practitioner is the best person to handle your day-to-day health conditions. So, whether it’s about the immunizations, chronic disease management, referrals or prescription repeats; everything must be managed by your GP.

We’re open to receive feedback from patients

Hello Home Doctor Service welcomes feedback from its patients as the same helps us to continuously improve our service for people struggling with acute and painful illnesses. You can send us your feedback by dropping an email to

From babies to elderly- Urgent Medical Help for all!