If you look at the reasons why After hours Service is used across Australia, you will realise that it is primarily because of the unavailability of regular GP services, which are closed during weeknights and weekends. So, when people get sick during these times, their best resort happens to be the ever dependable after hours service – Hello Home Doctor Service.

With the help of this service, patients can get treatment for a variety of ailments (non-fatal in nature) that might be causing them discomfort. These health conditions or ailments could be anything including…

Acute respiratory infections
Asthmatic Condition/breathlessness, wheezing and coughing
Skin disease/infections, rashes, cellulitis
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
Gastroenteritis/Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting
Eye Infections/Conjunctivitis
Sprains, strains, neck, back and hip pain
Elderly ailments
Migraine and acute headache
Tooth Aches
Ear Aches/middle ear infection
Sore Throat/Infection, tonsillitis,
Accidental Injuries
Cuts, Bruises and burns
High Fever, body aches/weakness
Common Cold & flu/headache, running nose and fever

The problem with most of these conditions is that they can be unsettling and painful for people. So, when people call the Hello Home Doctor Service, getting immediate relief is the only thing on their mind at that moment. That’s why, we at Hello Home Doctor Service make every possible effort to attend to every emergency call at the earliest, and offer people the best medical care at their homes to give them as much relief as possible.

After arriving at the patient’s home, our doctor assesses the condition of the patient requiring treatment, and administers the required treatment along with free medication as well to address the health issue.

After Hours Service