Injuries or ailments can happen to anyone at any time without any warning signs. They don’t care if it is a weekend or a weekday before striking. They just strike at the most inappropriate moment and make the person suffer in the absence of proper care and treatment.

However, with Hello Home Doctor Service, you can face these sudden emergencies without getting into too much trouble at home. Since this service is available during weeknights and weekends, you can count on Hello Home Doctor Service to attend to your medical needs during after-hours or Weekend Doctors when no GP is able to take care of your medical emergency.

Hello Home Doctor Service covers all suburbs in Ipswich, greater Springfield and Centenary suburbs, you can definitely bank on Hello Home Doctor Service to assist you in any situation involving an injury, an ailment or a flared-up health condition that may become too hard for you to handle on your own on Weekend Doctors or after-hours.

Hello Home Doctor Service is happy to assist you in the after-hours, but we are not in any way a substitute for your GP during the usual working hours. Similarly, the emergency health care we offer is simply to fill in during days when regular medical care is not available, and it covers diseases and ailments which are non-life threatening as well.

For all other emergencies, which are serious and pose a serious risk to life, you are advised to dial 000 to arrange an ambulance

Weekend Doctors